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Looking for a fresh new look for your garage?

Enhance the exterior look & boost the value of your home or business by adding aesthetic changes to your garage.Make your home or office a world-class masterpiece with functional garage doors designed to make your place stand out in your neighborhood or commercial space.

With over 20 designs and unlimited customisations to choose from, you decide on which style suits your needs and goals.

Transform your rusty garage door into a modern, ultra-functional masterpiece!

Choose state-of-the-art designs for your garage door and bring exterior elegance into your place!

Add more value to your property as Melb Garage Doors guarantees the ultimate facelift to your garage look!

Be confident in your purchase with a 10 year manufacturers warranty

Melbourne Garage Doors is a family-owned and operated enterprise supplying and installing quality custom garage doors.

With over 10 years of industry experience, we are reputable experts on finding the best-suited garage door to your home or business. Based in the eastern suburbs, we provide satisfactory services to the entire Melbourne area.

Melbourne Garage Doors attributes its success by our principle:

“To provide outstanding service to our customers at a competitive price.”

As a family, we understand the essence of security and comfort inside our home whilst putting a value on its exterior look. We realised that our garage plays a major aspect in our home and would increase the value of our property
if we install it with premium quality garage doors.From that one, simple decision…We decided to make a business out of it. Only to find out that more and more Australian homes are in need of garage door beautification and increased functionality.And, why not?

Your garage covers a huge portion of your property.

Whether it is placed in front, at the back, or on the side – your garage is visibly displayed on the outside. Make use of it to add more value to your residential lot or commercial space.

We put 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION first at all cost – not only to the quality and materials used for our garage doors but with our speedy services as well.

We value OUR CUSTOMER’S TRUST and ensure that every cent and time spent with us are all worth the experience.

Melbourne Garage Doors offers world-class quality and style with a wide variety of colours and designs to choose from. Our business is built on the ideals of supplying exceptional customer service along with a high-quality product
to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

We believe in quality and value.

Live your homes with pride as you experience the aesthetic changes to your property with your newly-installed, premium-quality garage doors.

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