Be Aware Of Air Leaks on Your Garage Doors

Melbourne Garage Doors

Check for Air Leaks on the Side of your Garage Doors

Even if the door is made of insulating materials, this may mean nothing if there are gaps between it and the walls of your garage. To reduce energy loss through air leaks, it is necessary that the door has been manufactured to the correct size and the sealing correctly carried out. Having a door installed by a professional is an important step in ensuring that the product does its job.

Another aspect to consider in garage doors are windows, as they could be another potential source of air leaks. To avoid this transfer of temperatures be sure to choose windows with low-emissivity coatings that have, at a minimum, double glazing.

Not only will checking for air leaks improve the insulating qualities that you might have added to your specific garage door, but it will also show that there are vulnerabilities for potential break-ins. Why is this? Well a door that has been measured correctly and fits perfectly to size, is a door that will have no gaps wide enough for potential intruders to use and break in. For example, if there is a gap at the bottom of the garage door, an intruder can fit a crowbar or a lever under it and with enough force can force it open. The same principle will apply if the door has a gap to the side of it. A lever or crowbar can be used to further make that gap wider and eventually force it open to the point that the door gives way. These examples show why it is important to get your door professionally installed and then to be inspected to make sure it is up to its optimum level of security.