Buying a garage door can be a fun process, but it can also seem overwhelming or difficult to know where to start. Because modern garage doors are made better than in previous years in terms of quality and price.

You can get “free jack” when you buy your garage door with automatic opening systems. That is why it is important to see all the options available when purchasing garage doors or opening systems for a new installation.

From buying your new garage door to getting it professionally installed, follow our step-by-step guide on how to prepare for a new garage door installation.

Garage door quality

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When purchasing your new garage door, you want the door to be made of a material that meets your individual needs. Most modern garage doors are made of steel, but there are many options when it comes to choosing the right garage door for your home. Wood, fiberglass, and aluminum are just a few of the many different materials used to build residential garage doors .

If you are not sure which material is best for you, a garage door professional can help you determine the best options.

Price of a garage door

Garage door prices range from cheap to expensive depending on the type of garage door you are looking for. The standard price of a single garage door ranges between 1500 and 2500 soles and that of a double garage door ranges between 2000 and 3500 soles.

The price of the garage door is based on several factors such as size, style, necessary hardware, and insulation options. The standard raised panel will be the best price for garage doors .

The price of modern garage doors will be significantly higher than a standard garage door, but it provides a more modern look and high-quality durable materials.

Opening system

It is important when purchasing a garage door that the opening system is tailored to your personal needs and also works within the limitations of your current property. Chain drive opener systems are the industry standard in door automation systems . They’re durable, reliable, and even come bundled with MyQ technology so you can access anywhere with a WiFi connection.

The automation system with belt drive are ideal for applications where noise is a concern. Called “whisper drive motors,” our belt drive openers are super quiet and more durable than our chain drive openers. Side-drive shaft opener systems are ideal for spaces with pipes, sprinklers, or any other object on top that could interfere with a standard garage door automation system  .

By default, most garage door openers come bundled with 1 remote control and 1 wall button. Additional controls are available as well as wireless outdoor keyboards. Some of the most advanced opening systems on the market now come bundled with security cameras so you can see what’s going on in your garage at all times.

Installing a garage door

A typical garage door can be installed in 3 hours. An opening system will take about half that time. We recommend having the first 3 meters of your garage clear at the time of installation. When you buy a garage door , you are paying for the installation at a flat rate for labor determined by the size of your garage door and for any additional labor that may be required to complete the installation.

The garage door installation that you have previously purchased is also a service that we offer. We accept cash and credit cards as forms of payment and our technicians have the ability to accept payments on the spot.

Garage door maintenance

By default, all of our garage doors and openers include a one-year warranty on accessories and labor. We take great care of our customers and work hard to provide exceptional service. If you have a problem with a garage door or opener, please let us know and we will work to resolve the issue in a timely manner.

We recommend garage door maintenance every 12 months, which includes adjusting all moving parts and lubricating certain parts of your door and the opening system.

In short, buying a new garage door can seem like an overwhelming process, but hopefully this guide helps clear up any questions you may have.