Melbourne Garage Doors

Choosing the right garage door

Studies show that 80% of houses have either a garage or a carport with garage door. This shows that garage extensions in Melbourne are an essential part of your house and the kind of door you choose to use in such a room is very important. If you value your car (which almost all car owners do), you should really consider the door you choose for your garage

There are several options in the market and at times choosing the one that suits your needs may not be straight forward. If you are planning to buy a brand new door but you’re confused about which one to choose, this article is for you. I am going to share with you everything you need to know before choosing which garage door to buy. 

Here is what you have to consider;

  1. The architectural design of your house 

The way your house was designed strongly dictates the type of garage door you should buy. There should be some level of similarity between your roller door and the rest of the doors and windows of your house. 

  1. The material 

Doors can be made using several materials and the one you choose should depend on a couple of factors. These include; safety, durability, price, weight and design flexibility. So, it will all depend on what you prioritize among the above factors. Some of the materials available in the market include; 

  • Aluminum: The main strength of Aluminum over other materials is its weight and durability. Aluminum is light and is also not affected by water like steel and wood. However, it’s a bit more expensive compared to wood and steel.
  • Steel: If safety if your priority, then a steel garage door should be the one you choose. Steel is the strongest among all the materials used to make garage doors custom. It is also less expensive than Aluminum and fiber glass. The only downside with steel is it’s less durable especially in rainy weather conditions. 
  • Fiber glass: Garage door styles Australia sometimes with fiber glass, your garage door will look more lavish and luxurious. However, it may not be as safe as a steel or Aluminum. Fiber glass is also way more expensive than steel. 
  • Wood: Wood Garage doors made out of wood are normally more artistic than those made from other materials. This is because it is easier to make different designs with wood than other materials thanks to its softness. Wood is also not good option especially if your garage door is exposed to rain and water splashes
  1. Weather conditions and Insulation:

In places where temperatures are always down, it is important to consider insulation while buying your garage door. A wood door will always do a good job in cold weather conditions than any other material. A wood door actually has the capacity of keeping your house warmer by 10 or 20oC higher than a steel or Aluminum Garage Door

Other people may choose to add an insulation material on steel or Aluminum but this will obviously make the whole door project more expensive. The more economical choice would be wood because it is an insulator by nature 

  1. Style of opening 

The style of opening is normally affected by how much space you have around your garage door for convenient opening and closing. The type of garage doors that save the most space are collapsible doors which are normally made from Aluminum or steel. These doors roll over to the top when being opened. To close the door, you just have to pull it downwards to unroll it from the top. 

Sliding doors require having enough space in the side and they are normally not a good option for garage door design. The commonly used doors are the ones that open towards the front. This is because the front of the garage will always have space because that’s where the car passes to get into the garage. 

  1. Your budget

At the end of the day, you should buy something that’s within your budget as long as it suits your needs. While choosing a cheap garage door, list the main features you want the door to have vs the door options that are within your budget. The garage door that meets most of your needs should the one you choose. 


With hundreds of sellers for beautiful design garage doors both locally and online platforms, it could be challenge to zero down on the exact type of door you need. But if you go through the above steps one by one, you should certainly conclude on the door you need. 

The most important thing here is knowing what your priorities are because its from these that you’ll know the features of the door you need. So, list down your priority features and choose the door that has most of these features. 

Good luck as you buy your next metal garage door