Does your roller garage door make noise while being opened?

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Does your roller garage door make noise while being opened?

When a garage door rusts, it makes noise while being opened or closed, something has to be done to eliminate that noise. This noise is not only uncomfortable to the ears but may also lead to more complex issues if not attended to in time. This noise is produced as a result of the friction generated between moving parts of the roller garage door.

That means fixing this problem requires coming up with a solution that will reduce the friction between moving parts of the shutter. If you are facing this problem at your home or office, worry not because that’s what this article is about.

Let’s look at some of the common causes of noise in roller garage doors.

  • Lack of proper maintenance. Just like any other machine, garage renovations in Melbourne require regular maintenance if you want them to stay in a proper working condition. Planned maintenance of custom roller door should involve lubrication of the moving parts to reduces the friction, which in the end reduces the possibility of parts grinding on one another.
  • Misalignment of the shutters. This fault can be caused by using too much force while opening and closing the cheap roller doors. When the shutters are not aligned properly, some of the moving parts will tend to grind on each other, which leads to noise. To avoid this from happening, make sure you always use minimum force while closing and opening the shutters to eliminate the chances of these shutters being misaligned if they are electric/automatic roller garage doors, ensure they are on the correctly-timed opening and closing settings and that it is accurately aligned.
  • Faulty motor/transmission system. A damaged motor will cause an imbalance in the energy transmitted to the rollers, which in the end may lead to abnormal vibration of the shutters during closing and opening. This vibration can be fixed by properly aligning the motor rotors and making sure the motor is getting the right amount of power. You will need to hire a technician to do this – for example us! ?

How to prevent this from happening again

  • Cleaning and doing regular maintenance is one best way on how to increase property value. Your technician should make a better roller door design for you as a schedule that you can follow to do simple maintenance activities like lubricating the moving parts of the best roller doors. Besides doing maintenance, you also need to regularly clean the new garage roller doors to remove any dirt and debris that could be stuck in the rails.
  • Avoid using a lot of force while opening and closing the modern garage door. Using a lot of force can lead to misalignment of some parts of the shutter, as we have seen above. This later causes these parts to start grinding against one another hence causing the noise. By opening your shutters gently (for manual ones) and reducing the motor speeds (for electric ones), you will greatly reduce the chances of your newly installed roller shutters making noise.


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