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Whether you need a sectional, roll-up or overhead garage door, there is an easy way to get a quote – just come to Melbourne Garage Doors’ online garage door sales site. In a few clicks, you can get a clear idea of the price of the entire range of Garage Doors from roller doors to complete custom Garage Doors. All we need are your measurements over the phone or via email/contact form and we can provide you with an amazing range of quotations for your consideration. We also are happy to come out and do a FREE service of Measuring your Garage Frontage and providing you with an accurate quotation.


Here is why some people prefer getting a garage door quote on the Internet…


What are the advantages?


Getting a quote on the internet remains a fast and efficient procedure. Among the advantages of this mode of operation, we find:


1) Security and trust


Decades ago, it would have been unthinkable to buy such products on the internet. Indeed, the security around buying online was not the same and the lack of professionalism of some emerging sites did not inspire confidence.

Today, things have changed: paying online is no longer a problem: likewise, it is now easier to find out about companies and see what Internet users think about them. Look at the reviews, some will give you a certain garage door estimate and then hit you with thousands of dollars added.

Once your doubts have been resolved, we can prepare your garage door estimate in a few clicks or a simple call to us.


2) Time saving

So, with the online quote, there is no need to spend hours and hours in large DIY stores. The offer is digital, it takes place before your eyes without making any effort. You will immediately see the available joinery, the colours offered, the possible dimensions, and the options and then give you a garage door estimate based on your options.

All this saves you precious time. It also allows you to find out about the offer when you have the time, outside of regular store opening hours. Online sales sites are in fact available for consultation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


3) Save your garage door quote!

When you receive a quote, you don’t have to order right away. You can definitely save it to come back to it later. This flexibility is still very practical, especially since you can also modify the options later once you really know what you want.

So, if you change your mind about the desired colour or size, just ask us to update the change, and your garage door estimate is recalculated very simply – sometimes there are no cost changes at all.


4) Different quotes to compare

The advantage of attaining quotes on the internet is that you can establish several without obligation on your part. Thus, you compare which brand, for the same product quality, offers the best quality/price ratio.

The comparison points to check: Which joinery has the best energy performance? How much are the transport costs? Is the garage door equipped with a motor? What colours are available? What are the Reviews like? Does it include labour? And more!


It is by comparing the different offers and the performances of garage doors that you will be able to make your choice and is why hundreds of customers have trusted us with their Garage Door purchase and installation.


Our Garage Door Promise

  • 100% Customer Guarantee
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Fast And Reliable Installation
  • Free Measure And Quote
  • Australian Made And Manufactured


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