Getting Beautiful Garage Doors

Getting Beautiful Garage Doors

Choosing a garage door is one of the important considerations when planning to install a new or replace an existing door. There are many aspects to be brought into consideration before you pick out the one you feel would suit you and your home the best. There is more than one type of garage door available in the market and as if it is not enough to complicate the process, there are a number of terms and features you need to know regarding garage doors. It is advised that you plan and write down your requirements before getting a garage door supplier in Melbourne.  The first decision you would have to make would be which material should the door be made of and also which style.

Style of Garage Doors

Based on your requirements, you can choose from a

  1. Roller Garage Door,
  2. Sectional Garage Door,
  3. Timber Garage Door; or
  4. Custom Garage Doors
  • Roller doors as the name suggest roll up in to the drum located just above the opening of the door.
  • Sectional garage doors are essentially the same except that they do not protrude in the driveway making it safe for car to be parked.
  • Timber Garage Doors are similar to the previous two garage door types but are made of a timber material instead of other material compositions.
  • Or Custom Garage Doors that can be designed to how you would like it to look exactly. The options are limitless.

You can look into the pros and cons of each one when choosing a garage door.


There are a wide range of materials as well when it comes to choosing the garage door. You can choose from, Steel, fibreglass, plain old wood or polyethylene base, depending on your requirements. Steel doors are the strongest and most durable, whereas high-density polyethylene doors never dent, rust or fade and do not require to be repainted. Fibreglass doors can also be an option if you want some natural light to pass through as these materials are translucent and also maintenance free. Conventional wooden doors would well fit into your budget and requirements but the low initial cost might be deceiving as the maintenance cost is relatively higher than the other options; wooden doors require regular checkups for warps and rotting.


The garage area may not be used by the car alone; it can be a games area or a workshop for others. You would want a door that insulates well if there is a part of the house extended above the garage. The R-value on a garage door tells how well it insulates. The higher the R-value, the better is its insulation properties. Terms like Headroom, Backroom and Sideroom become parameters to select a suitable garage door as they determine the dimensions; Headroom is the amount of space inside the garage between the top of the garage door and the ceiling. The backroom is the inside length of the garage, from front to back. The side room is the distance between the sides of the garage door and the sidewalls of the garage. Dimensions matter when you are installing a garage door as the hardware needs some room to operate freely.

Garage doors account for up to 25 per cent of the visible portion of your home. So why look over all the options and choose the best fit.

To get the best from the choice that you make, a maintenance schedule should always be followed which includes washing painted steel surfaces, painting and refinishing wood surfaces as necessary, lubricating rollers, bearings, pulleys, springs etc.

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