How Does an Automatic Garage Door Work?

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How Does an Automatic Garage Door Work?

The electric garage door is a device increasingly chosen by consumers and for good reason: it combines practical, aesthetic and security aspects at the same time. In a matter of seconds, the door opens and closes effortlessly and without having to get out of your vehicle: so how does it work? We explain everything to you.

A unique mechanical principle

The automatic garage door operates on a motorization system which is powered by a double set of contractors. These devices have the role of supplying the motor in a clockwise direction to open the garage door. Conversely, to close it, they will work in the opposite direction. Once the door is opened or closed, a signal will be sent via a switch to stop the mechanism.

Good to know: To be able to be mobile, a chain, similar to that of a bicycle, is placed on the whole of the rail which supports the motor trolley.

Remote control of the garage door

To be able to be opened and closed from a distance, the electric garage door is operated by a radio frequency remote control. This remote control emits a signal (of short-range) to activate the contractors of the door as well as the entire motorization system.

Safety of electric garage doors

A motorized garage door offers interesting security criteria, especially in comparison with a conventional garage door. In fact, whether you want to leave or enter the garage, all you need to do is activate the signal without having to touch the opening mechanism and leave your vehicle. In the case of a traditional door, leaving your vehicle alters your security.

Secondly, we note the motorization which is equipped with obstacle detection which ensures to detect of an annoying object before the door touches it: this object can be for example the front of your car, an animal or other thing. This helps prevent: breakage, injury or altering the proper functioning of your door.

Finally, motorised garage doors are equipped with an automated locking system, which makes them much less vulnerable and thus discourages malicious people. Some models are even equipped with burglar-proof systems: if they are activated, the opening/closing time is then significantly reduced, which leaves no time for intruders to sneak inside your house.

Thus, a motorized garage door brings many advantages to your home (or your business premises): this market is constantly growing. It allows you to have a more practical sense of your daily habits, especially when entering and leaving your car, but also to reinforce security on the access points of your home. We also note the aesthetic side as well as the comfort: criteria of choice for those who wish to improve their daily life with ease.

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