How to Automate the Garage Door

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How to Automate the Garage Door

If you have a traditional overhead garage door in your home in Melbourne and have had enough of getting out of the car every time you come home after a long day, it’s time to equip yourself with a motorised overhead door. This is how easy it is to switch from a classic window to an automated one, even if you don’t want to replace the garage door.

Operation of the garage door garage door

Nowadays many people opt for garage door automation and it could not be otherwise in a time when the demand for comfort and safety has grown exponentially. How many times have you ever dismounted from the car in the dark and perhaps in the rain, opened the garage door and re-entered the car? If you multiply this little annoyance by all the times you have done it, you can calculate how much it cost you in terms of convenience not to have an automated garage door. And if your motor skills have reduced, then the switch to a motorized door becomes necessary.

The operation is neither complicated nor excessively burdensome, indeed the drive mechanism is quite simple. The assembly depends on the type of overhead door you have, but generally all you need is a kit that includes a motor and electrical and electronic supports. The motor is equipped with an integrated antenna, thanks to which you can remotely manage the opening and closing mechanism. The remote control radio technology allows you to operate the garage door from a distance.

Types of up-and-over garage door and useful accessories

The type of automation depends on the model of up-and-over garage door. The sectional door is made up of hinged panels that slide on guides, while the overhead doors are made up of a single body and in turn are divided into models with partial or total recess. Do not worry if your garage is equipped with an articulated overhead door or is of the non-protruding type, that is, it allows the door to slide flush with the ceiling. In all these cases you can safely use the electric motorization system.

In particular, the overhead garage door can work with counterweights or torsion springs and you can choose to automate it with a towing motor or on a door. Therefore the choice of motorization depends on both the type of window and the size of the same. Then you will need to check that the automation meets the parameters set by the European regulations so as to have a safe system that the installer can install without incurring particular problems.

Oriented towards an automation model that provides for manual release in case of need. Among the useful accessories there is certainly the courtesy light that allows you to carry out maneuvers in total safety. Also make sure that the automation kit is designed to run on battery in an emergency.

What affects the price of the automated up-and-over garage door

The costs for automating the up-and-over garage door vary according to the type of mechanism, the number of options and the power of the motor. The latter is generally proportional to the dimensions and materials of the window frame of your garage. If you do not know which automation model is right for you, you can contact professionals in the sector or you can proceed with the purchase independently and then entrust the installation to your trusted window maker, provided you are not equipped with excellent manual skills.

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