How to Choose or Design your Garage Door

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How to Choose or Design your Garage Door


If you are building a home with a garage or you already have one that has an aging garage door, you are certainly considering buying a garage door. With so many types in the market that are available in different materials and designs, it could be confusing for many to know the exact type of garage door they need for their houses.

The fact that garage doors last a very long time before they need to be replaced means if you choose the right type of garage door, you will likely not have to change it for a couple of years. Today I am going to share with you some tips on how to choose or design your garage door that will be long-lasting. Here we go

Types of Doors

  • Roller garage doors

These are roller garage doors that roll over to the top into the rack while being opened. Roller doors are convenient when the garage doesn’t have a lot of space around it. This type of garage door is one of the most space-efficient types that is suitable for garage doors in tight spaces. It is also easier to automate roller garage doors than most of the other types.

  • Sectional garage doors

This is the type of garage door that consists of several hinged sections that move towards the ceiling when the door is being opened. Sectional doors usually have fewer sections that roller doors, which makes them easier to insulate and you can also add soundproof . The only downside with sectional garage doors is that they need a lot of space on the roof of your garage – they are not a compact design like the roller doors.

  • Custom garage doors

For customers who have their unique designs in mind, it is now possible to make your drawing of what you need or explain to your technician the design and have the door made for you. While designing your custom door, it is important to put into consideration the most important reason as to why you need the garage door.

You also need to consider the size of your door before concluding on the appropriate design to use. As you create your design, I would recommend you consult a technical person to make sure the design you have created meets your needs as far as having a garage door is concerned.

Garage Door Materials

The material you choose will have an impact on features like the strength, insulation capacity, soundproof capacity, etc. So, you need to be very keen while deciding the material to use.

Here are some of the common materials used in Australia

  • Steel

Steel is still the strongest of all the materials used. If one of the reasons is safety, then steel is the best choice. However, one of the downsides with steel is that it is a good conductor of heat, which makes it unsuitable for those who consider insulation as one of the reasons they are installing it.

Adding an insulation layer on steel is possible, but it increases the cost of the door significantly. Another downside with steel is that it rusts after a couple of years if it is not painted when paint gets peeled off due to rain and other harsh environmental conditions. Steel doors can be made in form of either sectional or roller garage doors.

  • Aluminum

Aluminum is known for its high strength to weight ratio, which makes these very light compared to steel and wood. So, if you intend to install one you are going to open manually, it is best to use aluminum because it won’t require a lot of force to close and open.

The fact that Aluminum is light, these doors also consume less power during opening and closing for automated doors. Aluminum is also more durable than steel since it doesn’t rust. This makes it ideal for garages that are frequently exposed to water. However, one of the major downsides with aluminum is the price – aluminum are usually more expensive.

  • Wood

Wood is the most ideal material if insulation is one of the main points. Another advantage that wood has over other materials is that it can easily be customized to the design you need since it is soft and easy to shape. So, if you are the kind of person that loves cool designs, then wood should be your number one choice of material. The cost of wood depends on which type of wood you choose.

Final thoughts

Like we have seen above, if you want to buy your next garage door, there are several choices that you have to make. To make these choices easy for you, it is always best to list down your reasons for getting a garage door in order of preference. You can then choose the type and material of the garage door that ticks most of the boxes.

If you find the whole process of choosing the right type of garage door confusing, don’t hesitate to contact us for guidance. Helping you choose the best type and material for your garage door is free.