How to Maintain Sectional Garage Doors

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How to Maintain Sectional Garage Doors

What checks to do on the garage door and how often

When dealing with the choice of sectional and overhead garage doors for your home (here we have seen the 5 questions to ask yourself in order to make your choice), the first aspects to be evaluated are the quality of the materials proposed, the product guarantee and above all the reliability of suppliers.

However, even following these simple guidelines scrupulously and choosing quality automatic garage doors, time, daily use and atmospheric agents can deteriorate the functioning of the doors.

This is why garage door maintenance is essential: in this article, we analyse together which are the standard maintenance to be provided for overhead and sectional doors to ensure maximum performance over time.

Visual checks and maintenance on sectional and overhead doors

First of all, garage doors must be equipped with CE marking and the relative use and maintenance manual. The first step for correct maintenance of overhead and sectional doors, therefore, consists in carefully reading the instructions provided by the door manufacturer to check the maintenance operations to be performed and their frequency.

Usually, the verification operations on the doors must be carried out every six months and in the user manual, it is indicated to contact the authorized service centre at least once a year.

It is good practice to periodically carry out a visual inspection of the sectional door inside and outside to verify that the frame and the door curtain are intact and have not been damaged, especially when the vehicle is being maneuvered.

Mechanical verification of garage doors

If the sectional or overhead door of the garage produces noises during operation, it is advisable to contact the authorized service as soon as possible, to avoid prolonging the problem over time and risking worsening the situation. The mechanical inspection of garage doors and gates is an operation that must be carried out by professional technicians and is an integral part of the periodic maintenance of automatic openings as it allows you to monitor the correct functioning and status of all parts. involved in the mechanisms of automated opening and closing.

In the event that the mechanical check of the garage door is carried out independently, it is a good rule to switch off the power supply of the garage closing automation to avoid putting your health at risk in case someone operates the automation remote control while you are checking.

Removal of dust and deposits from doors

Even the cleaning of sectional overhead garage doors is part of the periodic maintenance. It is advisable to remove dust or dirt from guides, sliding wheels or photocells of the garage door using a brush or compressed air.

Keeping the components of automatic doors clean helps to avoid the accumulation of deposits that could cause friction on the sliding of the doors, up to compromising their operation.

Lubricate the door balancing springs

If we have installed a sectional or overhead door with balancing springs in our garage, we must also take care of the maintenance of these components: first of all, it is necessary to check that there are no dirt deposits and if necessary, remove them, then we can lubricate the balancing springs. with spray grease (WD-40 lubricant or similar).


In conclusion, the indications given above are basic control and maintenance operations on overhead and sectional doors which, if carried out consistently, allow the optimal duration of the garage door to be increased over time. Furthermore, a periodic check can allow you to easily identify a possible malfunction before it degenerates and make possible an effective prompt intervention by the supplier.


For more complex maintenance operations it is always recommended to contact us first. Do not attempt complex repairs or servicing unless you are a trained professional as it can be dangerous for you and for others.

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