There are no hard and fast rules to managing and maintaining an automatic garage door. Oiling the hinges is paramount to having a functioning door. Most automatic functioning garage doors, especially those made with wood, need constant checking, repainting and sealing.

For commercial roller doors Melbourne, due to frequent use, servicing should be done every 12 month. For residential doors, it should be serviced every 18 months. Ensure you employ the service of professionals when you want to service your doors.

Clear up pieces of wood or sands or anything that can hinder the doors from rolling smoothly on the tracks.


The advantages of Automatic Garage doors

  • Convenience: This is one of the major advantages that automated garage doors have over manuals. You can use a remote to control the door, never leaving your car.
  • Easy to use: They don’t require any special skill or physical strength to use. With the tap of a button, the door opens and you can drive-in.

Disadvantages of Automatic Garage doors

  • Needs electric power to Work: Its dependence on power makes it unreliable, especially in countries with epileptic power supply. You can’t use them when there’s no power supply, meaning you would raise the door manually. In addition, if your door is the tilt-up type, then you’ll leave your car outside till power is restored.
  • Expensive to buy, install and maintain: The average cost of buying and fixing an automated garage door is $900. Manual garage roller doors don’t cost as much. Also, the maintenance and servicing costs are not cheap. In a residential building where people frequently drive in and out, there would need to fix service the doors regularly.

Automatic garage doors have come a long way since 1926 when Mr. G.C Johnson developed an automatic garage door that can be controlled with a remote. We now have various types made with different materials. As protective as these doors are, they are also aesthetic.