Materials Used To Make Automatic Garage Doors

As the technology for opening and closing the doors have improved, so also have the materials also diversified.

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These materials include:

Steel for Garage Doors:

This is the most common material used for making garage roller doors. They are built to resist corrosion and rust. Furthermore, garage roller doors made from steel last longer and can be textured to look like wood. This is a heavier material so must be matched with a mighty motor. We use the top quality Merlin Garage Door motors. These have the strength to lift any weight seamlessly. 

Aluminium for Garage doors:

Melbourne Garage doors made from these materials are lightweight. They also resist corrosion and humidity. They have a wide variety of colours to choose from.

Wood for Garage Doors:

Most homeowners favour this material because it is attractive. Although expensive to maintain and needs a specialised motor and handle, these doors take garage doors to another level with their beauty. 

Fibreglass for Garage Doors:

Fibreglass garage doors are new to the garage door market. They can be easily dented and are lightweight. Adding garage doors made from these materials are limited in colours like wood or steel.

Composite materials for Garage Doors:

Composite is made from a combination of different materials: aluminium, vinyl and steel.

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