More About the Melbourne Roller Garage Door

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More About the Melbourne Roller Garage Door


A simple operating mode for very practical joinery: it is not surprising that the motorized roller garage door is attractive… Its aesthetics and its solidity do the rest!


Operating principle of the motorized Melbourne Garage Doors

This joinery also called a “rolling garage door” works like a classic roller shutter. Its blades, connected together, wind around an axis and nestle in a box fixed to the ceiling and specially designed to receive the garage door.

Motorized, it is a practical door that can go up to 4 meters high for a length of 4 meters which makes it large carpentry.


The Advantages of the Roller Garage Door

In rainy weather in Melbourne, you will appreciate being able to open your motorized garage door without having to get out of your car. In general, it will make your daily life easier. Know that more and more joineries are responding to home automation and that even if it means helping you in everyday life, you might as well think of a centralized order system.


A simple door to install

The motorized roller garage door is pre-programmed at the factory and is very easy to install. Everything is thought out so that a person with a few DIY notions can put it down easily.


Optimisation of space

With the motorized garage door, both the ceiling and the walls are free which allows excellent optimization of space. The blades are indeed housed in a safe, leaving as much space as possible in the garage.


A Garage Door that doesn’t bother anyone

The motorized roller garage door opens and closes without hindering pedestrian traffic. If your garage opens directly onto the street, the door is not likely to injure someone because it does not overflow. It is, therefore, to be preferred if you are in this situation.

The roller garage door is therefore a charming ally for your living space. It’s also a useful friend you can count on for years to come!


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