Repairing your garage door system

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Repairing Your Garage Door System

The following garage door system problems require a repairman, rather than a complete garage door replacement so keep your eyes out on these:

The track is misaligned.

Over time, the rail that your garage door runs on can move slightly, causing the rail to become misaligned. You may hear a rubbing noise at a particular point in the open and close cycle, or you might notice the door slowing slightly once it passes a certain point.

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This problem is not detrimental to the function of your garage door, but you certainly do not want to be operating that way for an extended period of time. If left uncorrected, this misalignment could get worse and cause more serious problems that end up ruining your entire system. So if you think your rail has an alignment problem, fix it or call your garage door technician for help right away.

The cables or springs are broken.

While this is a serious and potentially dangerous problem, it likely does not require you to replace the entire garage door system. However, this is not a DIY project. If there is a problem with the springs or cables, you should definitely turn the project over to a professional. You will know that your springs or cables are broken because you will hear a loud bang coming from your garage if you are inside your house. Alternatively, if you are closing your garage door, it will close very quickly and crash into the pavement. At this point, don’t try to open or close your garage door again until a technician has come and repaired it. The cables and springs will definitely need to be replaced, but you should be able to avoid replacing the entire system unless there has also been damage to the door, rail, or opener.

The disconnect switch is enabled.

All automatic garage door openers come with a disconnect switch that allows you to safely open your garage door in the event of a power outage. Once this switch or rope is pulled, the garage door is disconnected from the mechanical opener and can be opened manually. Sometimes this switch can be accidentally pulled or disengaged by a large object that you are carrying through the garage. In order for the garage door opener to reopen the door, you will need to reattach the opener hook to the garage door.​​​​


If you need an expert to help inspect your garage door, please do not wait. The longer you wait the more may need to get fixed.

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