Stand Out with an Original Custom Garage Door

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Stand Out with an Original Custom Garage Door


A new Australian garage door provides safe and easy access to your garage but also serves to renovate and update the overall appearance of your property. Garage doors are typically made of steel, wood, and wood, fibreglass, vinyl, and aluminium composites.

Although each of these materials has its advantages, steel and wood doors are the most common.

  • Wood is a classic for its natural beauty, availability and easy customization. But it does not last as long as other materials and therefore requires firm care.
  • Steel garage doors have become very popular because they are strong, relatively inexpensive, and low-maintenance. Plus, state-of-the-art steel garage doors do an excellent job and mimic the look of wood.

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Custom garage doors are characterised, in addition to the use of an increasingly wide selection of durable materials in their manufacture, by the use of high technology, with high-performance insulation, glazing that saves energy or low consumption, surfaces finished interiors, baked exterior finishes and much more. Some non-wood doors have adopted very realistic wood grain surfaces, so it is difficult to distinguish between these and real wood.

Garage door manufacturers offer a host of options. You can select a custom garage door with window sections for a decorative accent and to add daylight to a dark garage. Windows can be standard single pane or, for insulated doors, double glazed. Some doors have decorative snap-in frames.

As for garage door springs, overhead doors sometimes use extension springs, which extend and retract on the sides of the garage door. Torsion springs – a shaft spring and a drum assembly at the top of the door – are much better for sectional doors. Torsion springs distribute the weight of the door evenly and cannot break and fly in the way that an extension spring on one side of the door can (they can break, but stay put). Extension springs are cheaper, but most dealers prefer to install torsion springs, which are safer and more reliable. Additionally, extension springs must be protected by a containment kit

When it comes to opening your custom garage door, one of the most attractive garage door options of all is the automatic operator. Today’s garage door operators have robust motors with lifetime warranties and other features:

  • Photoelectric safety devices that will stop the door from closing and reverse it to the open position if there is a mishap.
  • Miniature transmitters that fit into a keychain.
  • Transmitters that operate only with a programmed personal code.
  • Multi-button remote controls that will operate appliances and lights in addition to the opener.

It is important to think about how the door should work and how long we want to guarantee that performance, the type of climate and exposure it will have to survive and whether or not the garage needs to be insulated. Are you going to use the garage as an extra room or as a workshop? Is there a room above the garage? If there is one, you have to get an insulated door, that is, with thermal and probably acoustic insulation.

A very original and consistent option is fibreglass and aluminium garage doors

Fibreglass garage doors consist of an aluminium frame with fibreglass sections. Like aluminium, fibreglass is very light.

Aluminium meets glass to a stunning effect.

Other advantages of fibreglass are its translucency and its resistance to the effects of salty air, which is why fibreglass doors are sometimes chosen for places where light transmission is important and for corrosive sea climates.

However, for more conventional uses, fibreglass is not a very popular material because it is a poor insulator, yellows over time, and breaks easily, especially when cold.



Roller garage doors have enjoyed many of the advances of steel garage doors.

Roll-up doors are quite popular because they “fit” in almost any garage in Australia, offer good insulation, and come at a good price.

The surface of the aluminium slats exudes a modern and elegant character. In addition, the door is easy to clean due to its surface which is provided with a high-quality primer both inside and outside.


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