The Keys to Choosing Your Garage Door

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The Keys to Choosing Your Garage Door

The garage doors are an important part of the architectural ensemble, so it is very important to be consistent with the aesthetics and the use to which it will provide.

Not all garage doors are the same and their peculiarities make them ideal for a specific type of garage. Each door has its peculiarities and that is why we must know the keys to choosing your garage door:

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  1. Type of opening

You should know that there are several types of opening for an exterior door and that this can be done manually or motorized.

The manual garage door is usually the cheapest and the one that installs the fastest, however, it is important to know all the advantages of automatic garage doors.

That said, we can choose between several types of opening:


This type of door is made up of panels or sections, hence its name, that slide vertically upwards by means of guides on a rail. They move parallel to the ceiling, so that it does not take up space either inside or outside the garage and allows you to take advantage of it.

A small drawback is that we must take into account the obstacles on the roof.

The sectional door adapts to all types of roof, flat or sloping. It offers great thermal insulation and safety. It is a silent system that offers a wide range of finishes. It allows to incorporate pedestrian doors as well as windows or grilles


Its structure is simple but robust. These garage doors take up very little space as they roll up compactly behind the lintel, so that they do not take up space on one side. They are usually very cheap doors


This system consists of a single plane that swings on an axis attached to the side guides and runs parallel to the ceiling. The compensation of the door is carried out by means of springs or counterweights.

Its biggest drawback is that it is necessary to leave an outdoor space, of approximately 1.20 meters, which is what stands out from the facade.

However, they are quite inexpensive, easy to motorize and robust doors.

Folding or hinged:

This system can be made up of one or two sheets. They are very resistant and are usually an option to sliding doors.


The sliding doors slide horizontally through a rail. Its biggest drawback is that it must have large side space. But its advantages include a high level of security, they are robust and elegant.


  1. Aesthetics 

Today we have at our disposal a wide range of materials, designs, colors and textures that we can choose depending on the aesthetic we prefer.

We must choose the options that suit our style (we will not choose the same door if we have a modern or rustic house) and the functionality of the door (if it is a garage door that will give access to several neighbors or will have less use). We must also bear in mind that we can customize it as much as we want, incorporating pedestrian doors, windows or grilles for ventilation.


  1. Security

The garage doors give access to the house, that is why we must choose those that also provide security. Its robustness, made of galvanized steel or aluminum, and different security elements provide high resistance to unwanted intrusions. This detail must be taken into account when choosing our garage door.

In addition, the garage door also becomes important as an insulating element, both thermal and acoustic since it will give us access from the outside.


  1. Warranty

It is important that you take into account the guarantee offered by the professional installation company of the automatic garage door. Typically, this is one year. Also this type of company usually offers a maintenance service that covers the annual supervision and repair of the door whenever necessary. These maintenance usually have a low cost. At Melbourne Garage Doors we have a TEN YEAR warranty.


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