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Thinking About Sectional Garage Doors?

Choosing a sectional garage door can be a much bigger decision than you had first thought. Trust us, we’ve built a business around it.

Since you’re here, reading this blog, it’s most likely that you’ve been doing the research yourself and you’re trying to come to a decision about the best garage door for your needs.

Whether it is functionality, aesthetic or even garage size that you’re taking into consideration, there’s a range of options for every need. Today we’re going to take a more in depth look into sectional garage doors to help you make an informed decision.

What are sectional garage doors?

These doors feature panels that lift and bend. These panels create the look of the door, making the design stylish and functional garage doors all at the same time.

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What do sectional garage doors look like?

Garage doors Melbourne have a paneled garage door design, making them a sleek and sophisticated choice for new builds. Since they’re available in such a wide range of finishes, they suit everything from wooden feel suburban cottage to crisp, white modern mansion vibes.

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How do sectional garage doors work? What makes them different?

Sectional garage doors lift up by moving along a track system. They then rest parallel to the garage roof. This removes the bulky ‘rolled’ look offered by traditional roller doors, and can be more practical for modern households.

The doors are also thought to be more resistant to wind damage than some other roller door designs. Thanks to the panelled design, if damage ever is sustained through accident or otherwise, you may be able to replace just one panel as opposed to the entire door making repairs much more affordable.

These garage doors also require no space to open, since they run up tracks into the garage roof. No more worries about parking your car too close to the door and getting hit.

Is this garage door the right choice for you?

If you’re liking the sounds of a sectional garage door and the look suits your dream home design, you might be interested to find out some more pros and cons of a sectional garage door.

Additional benefits

  • Multiple panels place less pressure on castors than some traditional doors
  • Melbourne Garage Doors sectional roller doors feature a “no gaps” technique, making them safer for fingers
  • Large range of designs and finishes to choose from
  • Extremely secure, protecting your belongings from the outside world

Possible disadvantages

We aim to be transparent and honest with our customers, so it is important to consider disadvantages of certain door types. Given that these doors have a lot of moving parts, they do require regular maintenance.

They also require equivalent roof space, they are not always practical for large commercial environments.

These types of garage doors can be a more costly option than traditional garage doors custom, but this being said, they make up for it in their stylish design, longevity and functionality.

Think this garage door is for you?

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