Types of materials for garage doors

Types of materials for Garage Doors

If the time has come to replace your garage door, there are many options and materials available to choose from in today’s market. Here are five types of materials that are frequently used for garage doors and why they may be a good choice for you.

Metal Garage Doors

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Metal is a good material for sturdy garage doors. It requires less maintenance than a wooden door, but dents more easily than a composite or vinyl door. If something dents the door, this could expose it to rust. And once the door rusts, it will need to be replaced. We recommend that you clean your steel doors at least once a year with a household detergent and warm water, to remove any build-up that could damage the surface. The doors of steel are relatively inexpensive, low maintenance and come in a variety of cosmetic options. They can even mimic the look of a wooden garage door, making them a good option in every way.

Wooden garage doors

If you are looking for an attractive exterior, then wood may be the material for you. Wooden garage doors are highly customizable and come in different designs and decorative styles, including popular style garage. Wooden doors should be stained on all 6 sides before installation, to avoid warping and discolouration of the wood. It may be necessary to re-finish periodically to ensure the wood remains sealed and water damage does not occur. Wood tends to be priced higher than other materials, as it requires individual customization and fabrication for each door.

Composite doors

Composite garage doors typically have a wooden frame covered with composite pieces. The composite is made to look like real wood but is made from strong fiberboard that won’t warp or crack. Composite is an excellent substitute for a wooden door, giving it a similar look at a less expensive cost.

Aluminium doors

Aluminium doors generally consist of an aluminium frame with fibreglass inserts. Both are lightweight materials and have good resistance to corrosion from saltwater, making them a great choice for someone who lives near the ocean. However, they do not have excellent insulating properties, so these materials are not normally used indoors. Also, since they are both such lightweight materials, aluminium can easily dent and fibreglass can break on impact from a car or even a baseball.

Vinyl Door

Vinyl is a popular material for garage doors. Vinyl is difficult to dent or break and does not require a lot of maintenance. Vinyl is generally built on a steel frame, making it a durable option. There are not as many decorative options for vinyl doors as there are for other materials, but the cost is usually less than other types of garage doors.

Are locks on garage doors necessary?

It may seem obvious that you want to add a lock to your garage door. However, if you have a motorized garage door opener, it may not be necessary at all. These electronic doors and motors function as a lock, and the door is virtually impossible to open and close manually. The only time someone will be able to open the door without the motor is when the disconnect cable is pulled to release the garage door from the opener.

Many garage door technicians advise against installing locks on motorised garage doors because it can be easy for a child or friend to accidentally activate the lock. Once hooked, they can attempt to open the door with the opener, causing irreversible damage to your door. The lock prevents the door from opening, while the motorized opener tries with all its might to pull the door up. This could end up severely damaging the doors or breaking the tracks.

If you do not have a motorised opener installed on your garage doors, then it is very necessary to install a locking mechanism on the door. Otherwise, the doors could be an easy entry for intruders.


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