Automatic garage doors are best garage doors that are controlled with a remote. Powered by electricity and activated with the remove, the driver doesn’t have to come out of their car to open the door. All that is needed is a simple press of a button and magic, the door opens up.

There are several stories that tell the histories of automatic garage doors, but the most consistent of those stories is that of Mr. G.C Johnson who in 1926 invented remote controlled garage door. In the past, garage doors could only be lifted and closed, allowing cars to pass through, while you strain your back as you act tough. Garage doors design now come in different styles, color and opening systems.

Over time, there have been significant improvements in the kind of sheet metal garage doors and the opening systems used. In the past, the trolley type opening system was popular. Then came the use of wires and pushbuttons connected along the driveway. It is expensive and stressful using this method. So, in the mid-ninety forties, the remote control was introduced to garage doors (which was previously used for a limited number of other things, but the technology was new).

This was a significant improvement from the wires and push-buttons before it.

From then onwards, the opening technology has improved greatly. From exterior mounted digital keypads, Wi-Fi connections to detect where your car is and when the metal roller door should open, automatic garage doors have become more than just doors for the garage, it’s now an aesthetic statement.