What are Roller Garage Doors

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What are Roller Garage Doors


If you intend to purchase a garage door for your house in the near future, one of the best options you have is a roller garage door. A roller garage door is usually made of several horizontal single/double skin sheets of steel or aluminium that are hinged together to form a complete curtain that rolls over around a skeleton drum while opening the door.


Roller garage doors are very popular, just like sectional garage doors, because of their versatility and other benefits that homeowners value. The common materials used to make roller garage doors are mainly steel and aluminium.


Steel is the ideal option if you are looking for a strong garage door to provide your house with more security. It is also slightly cheaper than aluminum. For those who want a lightweight garage door, aluminium is the best alternative. It is also relatively stronger than other material options like wood; so, you will not necessarily compromise your security if you choose aluminum.


Being lightweight makes it easier to open and close

Aluminium is also corrosion-resistant, making it the ideal option if your garage door will likely encounter water and rain.


Benefits of roller garage doors

  • Saves space on the driveway since its opens vertically. That’s why roller garage doors are the best option for those with less space within and around the garage.
  • Very secure: Its design profile has no joints exposed on the outside, which makes it hard for intruders to break into the house.
  • Easier to automate: Since it rolls over to a skeleton drum while closing, it is attached to a motor and a simple control system to automate its closing and opening.
  • It is somewhat more customisable: Since they are made of several horizontal sheets, it is possible to customize the garage door using sheets with different profiles and colors.
  • They are versatile: Roller garage doors can fit in almost any size and shape of the garage door opening.



Roller garage doors are an excellent option, especially for those looking for versatile, customisable, and easy to operate garage doors.


Before you buy your roller garage door, the major choice you will have to make is which material to use. You can always contact us; we can help you choose the right option for you.


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