What are Roller Garage Doors?

The garage can be closed with different types of doors. Today on the blog we would like to tell you about the roll up garage door. To better discover it, here are some of its characteristics.


How does a roller garage door work?

Also called a roller shutter, it is a joinery that works like a large roller shutter. This garage door rolls up and then nestles in a safe placed on the ceiling.


This joinery is made from aluminium blades that have been stapled together.


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What advantages for the roll-up door?

– The location of the safe


The roller garage door box is placed on the ceiling. This remains relevant for garages with limited floor space. Thus, the door once rolled up does not encroach on the space at the bottom, in particular at the level of the walls of the wall.


Thus, each available m² remains usable for storing business.


– Top insulation


Be careful, not all garage doors are created equal in this regard. We advise you to choose a joinery whose aluminium slats are reinforced by joints. They must also be injected with polyurethane foam to complete the insulation.


This is crucial because a roller garage door that insulates well will allow you to maintain a pleasant interior temperature, the garage being a cold room par excellence.


– the possibility of being motorized


The roller garage door can be completely motorized. It’s a really handy addition to accessing your garage when it’s raining, for example, without having to get out of your car.


There are different types of motorization: with remote control or fully centralized for complete control of all motorized joinery.


It is important when building a house to think about the motorization of equipment. We therefore offer centralized solutions that allow you to open and close various equipment such as garage door, sliding gate but also roller shutters.


What options for the roller garage door?

When buying a roller garage door, be sure to take a good look at the options it offers. It goes through the colours: do we offer you a choice? Is there an additional price depending on the colour chosen?


You should also be concerned about the security provided with the roll-up door. This is why we offer you a kit dedicated to opening and closing the door in public areas. It lets pedestrians know that your roll-up door is going to open or close.


Finally, you can opt for a door with porthole slats, which are useful for bringing light inside the garage.


It’s up to you to see what is needed depending on the location of your garage.​