What are Roller Garage Doors?

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What are Roller Garage Doors?

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Today on the blog we would like to tell you about the roller garage door. To gain better insights on this type of garage door, here are some of its characteristics.


How does a roller garage door work?

A roller door is steel sheet that rolls up and then nestles in a safe place on the ceiling.

This type of garage door is made from aluminium.

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What are the advantages of the roller garage door?

1. The location of the motor and the rolled up garage door.

The rolling mechanism box is placed on the ceiling. This remains relevant for garages with limited floor space. Thus, the door once rolled up does not encroach on the space surrounding the entrance of the garage, nor roof space.

Thus, each available m² remains usable for storage or other purposes.


2. Insulation of Garage Doors

Be careful, not all garage doors are created equal in this regard. For some, insulated garage doors are not important but for other’s, garage door insulation is a focal point of a purchase. They must also be injected with polyurethane foam to complete the insulation.

This is crucial because a garage door that insulates well will allow you to maintain a pleasant interior temperature, the garage being a cool room in the hotter temperatures has many benefits, but also a shielded room from the cold elements in the winter months also has many benefits.


3. The possibility of Garage Doors being motorised

Roller garage doors are almost always completely motorised (except older versions). It’s a really helpful feature to access your garage especially when it’s raining, and it avoids you having to get out of your car.

There are different types of motorisation: with remote control or fully centralised via a smart system or wifi for complete control of all motorised equipment in your home.

It is important when building a house to think about the motorisation of equipment. We, therefore, offer solutions that allow you to open and close various garage doors with a simple remote solution.


What options are there for roller garage doors?

When buying a roller garage door, be sure to take a good look at the options it offers. The colours: do we offer you a choice, absolutely? Can you have additional features included?

You should also be at ease about the security our garage doors provide you with. This is why we offer you a kit dedicated to opening and closing your garage door, make them out of the highest quality material, use the strongest garage door motors and more.

It’s up to you to see what is needed depending on the location of your garage, how you envisage your home and then let us take care of the rest.


For a custom quotation to build you a unique garage door system, or to come out and perform a FREE Measure and Quote service, please contact us. We would be happy to answer all of your garage door related questions and provide the quotation for your consideration but of course, no obligation.


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