What Is An Efficient Garage Door Like?

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What Is An Efficient Garage Door Like?

Here are some factors that can help you determine if a garage door is energy efficient:

They use recyclable or sustainable materials: Some garage doors use recycled materials such as steel. Other doors, such as wooden ones, can also be environmentally friendly as long as we verify that they come from a manufacturer that follows environmental regulations regarding wood extraction.

They are manufactured with high-quality parts to guarantee a long useful life: It is not enough that our garage door is made with recycled materials, it is important that they are also resistant and durable since this will avoid frequent replacement and therefore a decrease in the use of natural resources for its manufacture. A sturdy door should be able to survive exposure to elements such as rain, wind, snow, or heat for long periods of time.

It has waterproofing and insulation as ways to improve the energy efficiency of the garage: You probably have not stopped to think that the garage is the largest opening in the home, which means that if you do not have a good door, you are allowing the entry of a lot unwanted hot or cold air, increasing your electricity bill. A good thermally insulated garage door will help you reduce the cost of the utilities we use, an example of garage doors with great thermal insulation is sectional doors.