What To Look Out For When Buying Automatic Garage Doors

When you want to buy your automatic garage doors, these are some of the components to look out for:

  1. Hinges: They connect the different sections of the new garage door together, allowing the garage door move easily along the tracks. They should be constantly oiled to avoid cracking of breaking.
  2. Springs: The opening and closing of automatic garage doors rests mainly on the strength of the springs. Although many people think the motor provides the highest amount of power required, it’s the springs that do the major work. Springs of a garage door could either be extension or torsion springs. Extension springs mount horizontally on either side of the door. Torsion spring on the other hand wrap around a bar on the top of the garage door frame. Torsion springs depends on tension to raise and descend the door.
  3. Bottom seal: This is what prevents leaks from entering the garage.
  4. Hanger Kits: They are used to attach the electric garage doors to the ceiling. It also helps attach the ceiling and wall.
  5. Tracks: Tracks include the door tracks and trolley tracks. The door tracks are where the rollers roll on; guiding the doors through the pulley system to raise and descend.

Furthermore, when buying your automatic garage doors, the closeness of the door to the road determines the kind of materials you will use. Aluminum works well if the door is far from the road. It is lightweight and won’t be exposed to elements of weather and climate.

If the car is close to the garage, a roller door options is great. With the roller door, there is no need for tilting; and it takes up less space.

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