Your Garage Door – When to repair a garage door system

Melbourne Garage Doors: When to repair a garage door system

Sometimes the problems you are experiencing with your door may require a technician – like us at Melbourne Garage Doors – to visit for an analysis. Whether you need repairs, servicing, or in the rare occasion, a new Garage Door System. Here are some common problems and when you may need some help from the experts or what you might be able to look after yourself. Remember always be safe and if you don’t know how to do something, it is better and a safer option to let us look after you and your door.

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Problem with your remote transmitters

Transmitters are an integral part of the garage door system and when they are not working properly, you will definitely notice! Sometimes problems arise with your transmitters that prevent the signal from reaching the opener. Be sure to check and replace batteries if necessary, as this is often the number one reason a transmitter stops working.

Also, check how often your garage door opener is running. Sometimes a neighbour may be using the same frequency for their garage doors as you are for theirs, and when he walks by and tries to open their door, he opens yours as well. You may think that your door is malfunctioning by opening and closing randomly, but in reality, it only opens when signalled by someone else. If all else fails for your transmitters, you can reset them by pressing and holding the “learn” button on each transmitter, BUT, all systems are different so this may not apply to your system. You may need to consult your garage door owner’s manual for additional instructions on how to reset your settings or take a look at resources online for your specific make and model.

The photocell sensors on your garage doors are dirty or misaligned.

Two photocell sensors are located at the bottom of the door entrance on each side of the door. They aim directly at each other and shoot an invisible laser through the doorway to identify if there is anything in the way of the closing garage door. Sometimes one or both sensors get dirty or blocked by something like mud from your car or a cobweb forming on it. If this is the case, gently wipe off the dirt or debris with a soft, damp towel. If the door still won’t close, the photoelectric eyes are likely misaligned and will need to be readjusted to point directly at each other again.

Are you noticing anything else? Maybe give us a call. We might be able to help solve your problem and offer to repair it or worst-case scenario, replace it with a new one at our factory-direct prices.


Either way, we will be here to help.

Good Luck!

From the Melbourne Garage Doors team.