When to Replace a Garage Door System

If you have automatic garage doors in your home, you rarely think about them and the convenience they provide until they become noisy, damaged, or stop working altogether. Knowing when to replace a garage door system can be tricky, as sometimes a simple repair can fix the problem.

However, some garage door problems require a replacement opener, gate, or both. That’s why we’ve outlined which issues are fixable, and which ones will require replacement, to take the guesswork out of replacing or repairing them. We aim to help you at Melbourne Garage Doors.

When to Replace a Garage Door System

While there may be times when a simple repair is all that is needed to fix a problem with your garage door, more serious problems may require the door and opener to be replaced. Often times, if you are replacing a garage door system, everything will have to go along with it.

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Garage doors are designed to work with a specific garage door opener and rail, so unless your entire garage system is new, it’s best to replace everything at once to make sure the door works properly. In addition, by replacing the entire system, you ensure that your warranty will remain valid if another problem arises. Here are some scenarios in which it is better to replace a garage door system rather than repair it.

Scratches on the garage door

If your garage door is severely scratched, it might be time to replace the door. If the scratches are deep, the door may start to rust. Once a door rusts, it will definitely need to be replaced, as rust will make the door flimsy and prone to breaking. If it is just a small scratch on the surface, you can probably continue to use the door without problems for some time, as long as the scratches are not so noticeable and do not affect the aesthetics of the door.

Dents on the door

If the door is badly dented, it’s time to replace it. While the door may open and close just fine, it could be causing irreversible damage to other parts of your garage door system. These dents could upset the balance of the door and put additional pressure on the tracks, eventually causing them to break as well. If a car caused large dents by hitting your garage door, we recommend not opening the door until a professional has come out to inspect and trace damage. This type of damage will probably require replacement.

Deformations in the doors

A wooden garage door can warp or crack over time. Once this happens, it is irreparable and needs to be replaced. To avoid warping, make sure your wooden door is stained or treated on all sides before installation. You may need to re-stain every few years to keep the wood protected from water and moisture.

Physical damage to the doors

If the door is physically damaged due to high winds or extreme weather, the door will likely need to be replaced. Extreme weather can dent a door or even knock it down. These problems can lead to further problems, such as broken springs, tracks, or the actual opener.

Attractive exterior

Eventually, your garage door will start to look old, dated, discoloured, or sagging. To update your home’s exterior and add curb appeal to your home, it’s a must to replace that old garage door. A new garage door will add excellent value to your home and have a good return on investment, especially if you are thinking of selling in the near future.

Garage door safety

The garage door opener works in conjunction with two photoelectric sensors at the bottom of the garage entrance to detect if something is blocking the path of the garage door. If the sensors detect something, the garage door will automatically lift so it doesn’t squash what’s underneath. Also, if your garage door was installed before 1993, it will likely look quite worn by now.

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