Why Choose a Custom or Sectional Garage Door

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Why Choose a Custom or Sectional Garage Door

Do you want to change your garage door? Think of the custom sectional garage door! With its vertical opening and its way of sliding under the ceiling, it will allow you to save as much space as possible.

The pre-assembled door is supplied as a single piece, metal frame included. It is a statement piece for your home ready to be attached and motorised. The system as standard allows fast, solid and secure attachment of the pre-assembled spring, hinge and rail ramp. Installation is carried out by our expert staff and each door is accompanied by its installation instructions for your future reference.

Custom garage doors

This specific garage door joinery has various advantages. Let’s sweep through the advantages of the sectional garage door or custom garage door…

1) An easy-to-open door

The sectional garage door opens vertically. It is the most requested door on the market. Indeed, it won 65% of the vote, thus prancing ahead in its market.

It does not overflow either inwards or outwards during its run, which makes it possible to park a car flush with the apron and to install its door at the edge of a public thoroughfare.

Designed from panels sliding upwards following metal rails, it opens easily. Be careful, its installation still requires a minimum lintel drop of 115 mm.

Delivered in one piece for quick fixing, the custom sectional garage door adapts to the millimetre to the opening of your garage. Because it does not overflow inwards or outwards, you can use it if your garage faces the street.

With the motorization of the door, you will be able to open and close it with a remote control. Very convenient to enter your parking place without having to get out of your car.


2) A door adapted to architectural constraints

With its smooth, cassette or striped hinged panels, the sectional door meets the criteria required by certain town planning services. Visually speaking, it is in line with the PLUs. On the practical side, it can be declined up to 5 meters wide and 3 meters high to accommodate two vehicles.


3) Reinforced insulation

The garage remains a cold room, by default. Indeed, until now, garage doors have tended to insulate poorly. The sectional door is fitted with 40 mm thick panels in CFC-free polyurethane foam.

It, therefore, protects your place from the cold, providing good thermal insulation. Waterborne garage door paints are lead-free, solvent-free; they are easily recyclable and help protect the environment. The doors are made in various decors and the panel finishes in the colours of the RAL colour chart. They, therefore, offer a wide range of possibilities

Among the possible options, the garage door can also be fitted with double-glazed windows. Thus, the diffusion of light and natural heat takes place in your garage, making it more pleasant to frequent.


4) A designer carpentry

With its cassette panels, the sectional garage door has a modern design. What is interesting is that it has various colours. The diversity of its customization options allows it to blend in with any type of architectural decor.


5) A better secure garage

The sectional door reinforces the security of your garage, in particular thanks to its anti-intrusion system. The latter largely slows down any attempts at an intrusion into your home.


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