Why Install an Automatic Garage Door?

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Why Install an Automatic Garage Door?


If you are thinking of changing the garage door of your residence or business, you should take into account all the advantages of installing an automatic garage door:


  1. Comfort

Convenience is one of the main advantages of installing an automatic garage door, since the door is opened and closed remotely, without getting out of the vehicle.

You don’t have to open gates, bend over to remove bolts, push to the side or up. Your back will benefit the most.

You avoid inclement weather, go to the door to open it and then close it, and even theft, since sometimes the moment of opening the manual garage door is used, where the car remains open and running, to steal it.

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  1. Security

Automatic garage doors have a series of systems that give them great security. This safety, quality and guarantee label shows that the product complies with the legal and technical requirements.

We must emphasise that the opening and closing of automatic garage doors is done through a remote control, programmed in a personal way and whose frequency is unique so that no other control can open your garage door.

They also have obstacle detection sensors, sensitive photocells and motors with “anti-crush” systems that stop instantly in the event of encountering an obstacle, thus avoiding accidents.

In addition, automatic garage doors have manoeuvring lights that come on when they are started and thus facilitate access to garages and manoeuvring with vehicles. In addition, passers-by and other vehicles are notified of the opening or closing of the door. In some more advanced models of automatic garage doors, the time it remains on can be programmed.

In addition, automatic garage doors offer greater privacy and containment against possible unwanted access.


  1. Installation and maintenance

The installation of an automatic garage door must be carried out by specialized professional companies that carry it out in a few days and offer a guarantee of, normally, one year.

The useful life of an automatic garage door is long if minimal maintenance is carried out, such as checking that it works correctly, that the remote control is with charged batteries, that the rails are not obstructed and that the motor is in perfect condition.

The most appropriate thing is to count on the specialized company that has carried out the installation to carry out a maintenance that includes the supervision and repair of the door whenever necessary, carrying out the improvements that are required.

Periodic maintenance is usually very low cost and compensates since, in some cases, it includes the repair and replacement of parts. In addition, automatic garage doors have a guarantee that covers, in many cases, the total replacement if necessary.


  1. Amortization

The installation of an automatic garage door usually pays for itself in a short time if it is done with a specialized company.


  1. Great variety

Today there are a multitude of opening systems, designs and finishes on the market that adapt to space needs as well as customer tastes.

Depending on their opening, they can be rollable, folding, sliding, tilting, swinging and sectional, the latter in high demand as automatic residential garage doors because, by opening vertically upwards, they offer more space in front of and behind the door. The panels move parallel to the ceiling, so that 100% of the interior space of the garage is used. Sectional doors, made of galvanized steel and aluminium or aluminium, convince with their wide range, their excellent design and their certified security.

In addition, they offer great thermal insulation and a multitude of finishes, important qualities that make this type of door the preferred type of single-family residences and, in addition, the reduced depth is especially advantageous for buildings with transparent domes, roofs and glass facades.

You don’t have to think about it much, the best option is an automatic garage door.


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