Timber Garage Doors

A luxurious-looking timber garage door that will instantly upgrade your home’s feel without the price tag and hassle of maintaining real timber. Our garage doors emulate the look and feel of real Timber – giving your home a natural warmth, feel and comfort. With our native look garage door line, your house can also have that luxurious look right from the outside!
Unlike garage doors made from real timber, our garage doors do not fade over time with exposure to UV and won’t require you to do semi-annual to annual maintenance such as sanding, stripping, coating, and cleaning.

Our native series Wooden Garage Doors / Timber garage doors are available in 5 natural-looking styles. These styles include:

Golden Oak:

These beautiful Golden Oak Timber Garage Doors add warmth to cooler tone exteriors and really emphasises warmer tone exteriors. This is a universal and timeless wood for a perfect garage door.

Golden Oak Timber Garage Doors, Golden Oak Timber Garage Door, Melbourne Garage Doors.

Dark Oak

Dark Oak Timber Garage Doors, Dark Oak Timber Garage Door, Melbourne Garage Doors


Mahogany Timber Garage Doors, Mahogany Timber Garage Door, Melbourne Garage Doors

Classic Cedar

Classic Cedar Timber Garage Doors, Classic Cedar Timber Garage Door, Melbourne Garage Doors


Beautiful Caoba Timber Garage Doors create a dark yet warm look and compliments any house colour.

Caoba Timber Garage Doors, Caoba Timber Garage Door, Timber Garage Doors Melbourne

Made with BlueScope steel, our native series garage doors are guaranteed sustainable and durable. Designed to give you the best look from inception up to the next decades that will come, our garage doors are resistant to scratch and scruff even to that encountered during construction. Made to withstand real-world climate conditions, your next garage door is guaranteed not to give you any worry any time in the years ahead!
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